Hydroponic Fertilizers – Ideal Mix for Lush Growth

In a hydroponic system, plants are grown without soil hence the nutrients, growth medium and fertilizers used should also be according to the plant’s needs. Most people tend to use ordinary ‘soil garden’ fertilizer to grow hydroponic plants. But this can only damage your crop and decrease the yield drastically as the chemicals are not in the right proportion. You can purchase commercial hydroponic fertilizers which are either organic or chemical based. On the other hand, you can also prepare your own mix at home and use this for your crops. This will help in ensuring that you are giving the best to your plants without buying something from outside whose which are not trustworthy.

Plants require certain trace elements for their normal and lush growth. In a soil garden, these nutrients are available within the soil and so absent in a fertilizer mix. Only a few nutrients like sulfur, magnesium and calcium will be common in both the kind of fertilizers. Here is the mix for a typical and good hydroponic fertilizer that you could use for your crops. You can prepare this fertilizer at home itself by combining the following chemicals in the given percentages. hydroponics wholesaler

22% Potash is combined with 10% nitrogen, 8% phosphoric acid, 1% magnesium, 5% calcium,.05% boron, 2% sulphur, 0.2% iron,.05% copper,.05% molybdenum,.05% manganese,.05% zinc and make it up to 100% with inert compounds. Many of these ingredients are common to those found in a soil garden fertilizer like potassium and phosphate but some others are trace elements which are only present in hydroponic fertilizers. It is best if you prepare the fertilizer in bulk if you are doing this at home. You can also add or remove compounds to suit the growth of the plants that you have in your hydroponic garden.

Since the nutrient medium is very important in hydroponics, using the wrong or incompatible type of fertilizer can damage your crop and also prevent its lush growth. Plants also become susceptible to fungus, rot and other pests which cause extensive destruction. Crops grown become deficient in these vital nutrients which in turn affect humans or animals eating it. These days, you can also find commercial organic hydroponic fertilizers which are even better than the chemical ones. These ensure that the plants grown are not only healthy but also full of nutritional goodness. So make sure that you use only the right kind of fertilizer for your hydroponic system.

In a hydroponic system, it is important to use the right kind of fertilizers and nutrients. Unlike a soil garden where many nutrients are available from the soil, here these vital compounds have to be provided through hydroponic fertilizers [http://www.cxhydroponics.com/main/hydroponic-fertilizers/]. If you want to learn more combinations and mixes that you can prepare at home, visit the website www.cxhydroponics.com [http://www.cxhydroponics.com] that was very useful for me.

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